Brief oral

  • At previous ACLP annual meetings, this type of presentation was called an ‘oral paper’.
  • A brief oral presentation at CLP 2020 is a fantastic way to disseminate new information to attendees.
  • A brief oral presentation abstract may have multiple co-authors.
  • If accepted, the presentation must be delivered by a single author (the presenting author).
  • The presenting author will have a total of 15 minutes presentation time (ten minutes to deliver their talk plus five minutes for audience questions) within a multi-presentation moderated session.
  • The contents of a brief oral presentation may be the findings from a research or QI project, a description of a clinical innovation, a literature review or a case report.
  • Submitters of brief oral presentation abstracts will be offered the opportunity, during the submission process, to have their abstract considered for acceptance as a poster or a lightning presentation as an alternative to a brief oral presentation.
  • Lightning presentation speakers will have five minutes to deliver their talk.  They will receive mentorship (between May 2020 and November 2020, by email and video-calls) from an ACLP member to help prepare their presentation.