• At previous ACLP annual meetings, this type of presentation was called a ‘general session’, ‘workshop’ or ‘symposium’.
  • CLP 2020 workshops will highlight different aspects of a topic of interest to C-L psychiatrists.
  • Each workshop will be 90 minutes long.
  • Workshops may involve a maximum of five speakers. This count includes any moderators/discussants.
  • Workshops may be structured as
    • fully interactive sessions – the speakers facilitate attendees’ active learning using a variety of engagement techniques
    • more formal didactic sessions – the speakers lecture on related topics or various aspects of a single topic (f this format is used, ample time for attendee questions must be built in)
  • The session should have a coherent structure and should be an active learning session for attendees
  • Submitters of workshop abstracts should
    • ensure that their proposed session has a coherent structure
    • be clear how they will use the 90 minutes to meet their learning objectives
    • be clear what attendees will do during the session
  • Please note that ‘Poll anywhere’ will be available for CLP 2020 workshops.