The CLP 2020 Skills Course Package includes access to all the following courses:

Substance Use Disorders: Unique Considerations for the C-L Psychiatrist

Ariadna Forray MD, Laura Markley MD, Thida Thant MD, James Kimball MD, Joji Suzuki MD, Elizabeth Davis MD

Neuroradiology for The C-L Psychiatrist

Michelle Nichols MD, Greg dePrisco MD

Telepsychiatry: Now More Than Ever!

Terry Rabinowitz MD, James Bourgeois MD, Donald Hilty MD, Robert Joseph MD, Elizabeth A. Krupinski PhD, Hindi Mermelstein MD, Sanjeev Sockalingam MD

Advanced Collaborative Care Skills: Practical Strategies for The Implementation and Sustainability of The Collaborative Care Model

Anna Ratzcliff MD, Jurgen Unutzer MD, Andrew D. Carlo MD, Lydia Chwastiak MD, Jessica Whitfield MD, Ramanpreet Toor MD

From Pilot to Research to Clinical Practice: Implementation Of A Suicide Risk Screening Program Among Medical Patients

Maryland Pao MD, Lisa Horowitz PhD, Deborah Snyder MSW, Khyati Brahmbatt MD

QTc Prolongation and Psychotropic Medications: An In-Depth Guide

Margo Funk MD, Scott Beach MD, Christopher Celano MD

Proactive C-L Psychiatry: Implementation and Development

Mark Oldham MD, Patrick Triplett MD, Cecilia Livesey MD, Eleanor Anderson MD, Christine Finn MD, Brian Bronson MD, Stephen Ketay MSW, Naidee Siriwardana PMHNP-BC, Hochang B. Lee MD

Transplant Psychiatry: Learning from the Cases

Yelizaveta Sher MD, Sheila Lahijani MD, Jose Maldonado MD, Catherine Crone MD, Gerald Scott Winder MD, Filza Hussain MD

The Latest in Emergency Psychiatry

Scott Simpson MD, David Kroll MD, Victor Stiebel MD, Kimberly Nordstrom MD, Kenneth Novoa MD, Dustin DeMoss DO, Julie R. Owen MD, Allison Hadley MD