When Matter Affects Mind: Psychiatric Symptoms In Acquired Neurological Diseases

Gustavo Medeiros MD, Durga Roy MD, Davin Quinn MD, Idris E. Leppla MD

Introduced by Thomas Heinrich MD

An Integrated Future: Addressing Healthcare Disparities Through Training, Recruitment And Collaborative Care

Lisa Rosenthal MD, Sejal Shah MD, Mark Bradley MD, Kewchang Lee MD

Introduced by Sandra Rackley MD

Working Across The Aisle: Effective Collaboration Between C-L Psychiatry And Palliative Medicine

Daniel Shalev MD, Jon Levenson MD, William Pirl MD, Annah Abrams MD

Introduced by Alan Hsu MD

Publishing Your Work:  One Editor’s Strategic Tips For Researchers (Research For Researchers Award Workshop)

Jeff Huffman MD

Introduced by Sherwood Brown MD

The Hackett Award Lecture

Michael Bostwick MD

Introduced By Rebecca Weintraub Brendel MD