Closing Celebration

Meet colleagues, old and new, at our virtual social venue.

Trainee Mixer

An opportunity for medical students and residents to interact with each other and learn from faculty about careers in C-L psychiatry, co-hosted by the ACLP medical student and resident education subcommittees – go to the Trainee Mixer rooms at our social venue.

Division Directors’ Forum

By invitation only.

Early Career Virtual Mentoring Event

Early career members, registered for the meeting, will have the opportunity to sign up for a mentorship group. Groups will be led by mid-career C-L psychiatrists and will include topics such as finding jobs, career options and setting up new service lines.

How To Write A Joke

John Shuster MD (AKA Bo Shuster), C-L psychiatrist and stand-up comedian, will teach a panel of ACLP members how to take turn their idea into a great joke. Be part of the audience for this very special workshop.