Integrating Research Into The Clinical Care Environment

Jo Ellen Wilson MD, Sherwood Brown MD, Joe Bienvenu MD, Kathleen Sheehan MD, Cecilia M. Fitz-Gerald MD

Introduced by Amy Bauer MD

Maternal Mortality And The Role Of The C-L Psychiatrist At The Intersection Of Clinical Care, Equity And Policy

Leena Mittal MD, Nancy Byatt DO, Christina Wichman DO, Amritha Bhat MD

Introduced by Leeza Park MD

Teaching In Turmoil: The Role Of The C-L Psychiatry Educator During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Carrie Ernst MD, Robert Boland MD, Fremonta Myer MD, Daniel Shalev MD, Lilya Gershengoren MD

Introduced By Scott Beach MD

How To Survive A Plague: Lessons From The AIDS Epidemic For COVID-19

Mark Bradley MD, Philip Bialer MD, Asher Alajem MD, Chloe Nims MD

Introduced by James Rundell MD

Narrative Medicine In The Time Of Coronavirus: A Writing Workshop

Rachel Hammer MD, Michael Bostwick MD

Introduced by Lannis Lee Tynes MD

Somatic Equine Therapy

Colleen De Rango

Introduced By Jane Walker MBChB